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About You

You're Welcome Here!

You're probably not the 20-year-old with the ripped body that you see pictured on other gay cruise sites. You're more of an average guy, who's wondering if taking a cruise would be a good way to spend his vacation. Maybe you've been on other ships—or maybe it's your first time. You know what you don't want: a floating bathhouse, a large cruise ship with nothing but gay men, and to feel lost or left out—especially if you're not that outgoing.

You've Come to the Right Place

Here's why:

You get to travel with a bunch of friends

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We gather an active, energetic group of 20-to-100+ people: all ages and races, including Daddys, boys, and others. Bring your family and friends—gay or straight—and meet other good guys.

You get to make a difference

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Each cruise includes an optional day of service to a local group in need, such as participating in a food drive for a local LGBTQ center. You can have a transformative experience—as well as an enjoyable vacation!

You'll See It the First Time We Talk

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That's right: you speak with one of us—not someone in a call center who can't wait to get you off the phone! We'll take all the time you need to get your questions answered, so you can make a good decision.

You get to know people even before the ship leaves

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There's a private Facebook page so you can meet others in advance. We'll also gather for pre-cruise virtual events, where you'll discover more about the excursions you may take, get your questions answered, and start interacting with your new friends.

You get your own personal host

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We personally host your vacation! We're there to look out for you, make sure you have a good time, and feel included throughout the trip. We organize and lead lots of ways for you to get to know your fellow passengers. There's a meet-and-greet activity on the first day, dinner at our own tables throughout the cruise, and private excursions exclusive for our group. We'll also respect your need to have time alone.

You'll Love the Value

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We don't take over an entire ship for an all-gay cruise and make you pay a premium price. Instead, we create our community on a regularly-scheduled cruise, which also gives you the choice of meeting a diverse group of travelers. In addition, we reserve cabins years in advance so we can still offer reasonable rates—even when prices go up later.

About Us

Meet your Daddy Cruise® crewmembers

Patrick Brown

Working with Brian both behind the scenes and onboard to make sure your trip is carefree and memorable.

Brian Cole Miller

Half the fun of a vacation—for me, anyway—is the planning. Let me take care of that for you, so you can focus on having a great time!

Phone: 614-799-1390

Chuck Ingram

Chuck has travelled to the far corners of the globe, so he knows what it takes to make a great trip.


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Make an Impact While You Cruise

Enjoying a Day of Giving Back

Sometimes you want more than just a vacation: you want a fulfilling experience. That's why we include one optional "day of service" on our journeys.

  • Maybe it's delivering mattresses to hurricane survivors in Belize
  • Or having a shipboard quilting bee to create "tie together" (no-sewing) blankets for homeless teens in Baltimore
  • Or packing comfort bags with needed toiletries for poor members of the LBGTQ community in Long Beach.

You take a day to make a difference for people who need care and hope—and are so grateful to receive it. Guys tell us this often is the highlight of their trip! Getting to see the "real people and culture" beyond the glitz of a port. Forming stronger bonds by working with—and enjoying—your cruise-mates on a deeper level.

This is offered as a choice, like any other excursion. There's no judgment if you do something else that day. Some guys prefer to make an online donation to the cause, which also is important, and we make it easy.

Ask us about the day of service planned for your vacation. If you join us, you may come back feeling lucky and transformed!


Photos from Our Past Trips

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You're hardly our first!

Read what those have sailed with Daddy have to say about us


"This was my first cruise, but I had no concerns. I felt comfortable with the gay men in Brian's group, and all the straight people were super nice."


"I liked doing cruises alone—until now. I can't wait to meet the group on Brian's next cruise."

Don & Michael

"Brian made both of us feel comfortable, from the first time we spoke. And all through the cruise, he treated us like friends and family—not just a number."


"This was my first gay cruise. I've already signed up for my next one. Why go by yourself when you can meet a group of new friends and have a great time?"


"Go with an open mind. It doesn't matter when you were born. You can still find the joy and excitement of a gay cruise."

Mark & Joel

"Don't be afraid that you won't connect or fit in. You'll find others you like on your own—or Brian will help you meet them."

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A Final Word

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.
Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”

Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad